Positive Momentum at IHF Jakarta

By: Gabby, Co-Director IHF Jakarta

037Some new introductions are in order for us here at IHF Jakarta. As volunteers progress in their lives and careers, changes must be made. Though we are always sad to see our local volunteers move on, we support them wholeheartedly in their future endeavors.

We were happy to officially take on a new math teacher for our SD 1 and 2 classes this week! Ario, who had been majoring in education at university, will take on the classes. Though we are sad to see Innes go, we are happy to have Ario, who has already been a major hit among our students.

In addition, we welcome our new SMA teacher, Vidhi. Vidih is a teacher at one of the international schools in Jakarta. Originally from India, she has her masters in English literature, and is already making positive impacts and connections with our older students! She takes time and care in her class preparation, and it shows in how smoothly her classes progress. She is definitely an asset to our team, and we greatly appreciate her work with s so far!

Katarina, who is a professor of design 013at a college in Jakarta, has taken on the role as art educator for our older students. Our students have a great passion for art and drawing, and to have this course taught by a true professional is a real gift. Not only does Katarina have an infectious positive attitude, she is a self-starter, innovative, and passionate about the impact art education can have on our student’s overall well-being.

Lastly, Anza, who had been teaching our Aflatoun class on Thursdays, has transitioned to teaching our morning Maths classes instead, as she has gotten a part-time position teaching accounting at a non-traditional education center. We are proud of her achievement, and are glad she has found a way to maintain her connection with us here at IHF.

023We would like to give out a sincere thank you to all of our past and present local volunteers who make IHF’s programs possible. Without you, IHF Jakarta could not exist at its fullest capacity, providing supplementary education to our ~250 registered students.


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