The Journey

By: Jane, UNCC Voluntourist Balibalifeb1

Day 1

On the first day we came to the Center in the evening. The first day was tough because we had never been slept in a hut before. It is hard to imagine how terrified I was when I saw black bean-like bugs on my bed and mosquito net crawling or unmoved like a seed. To be honest, I wish I could have slept in a cozier environment. However, I was too tired, and with the buzzing of the insects, I fell asleep right away…


Day 2

In the morning of the second day, we were trained by Alice, the co-director of the Bali center, and our instructions were given.
Day 3

After getting accustomed to the environment here, we were arranged to get involved in the class teaching. The Indonesian children were coming into the Center at around 12.30 am. Along with their diligence and creation, I would like to mention a moving moment. It was on a Balifeb2hot summer morning, a lovely little girl walked into Lumbung, a traditional Balinese house, where I was reading a book. ‘What’s your name little girl’, I asked. ‘Eva’, she said politely. After a while, we got to know each other more deeply, she taught me Indonesian while I showed her Chinese in return. Suddenly, she ran away to the garden. I was wondering what she is looking for. To my surprise, she came back with a cempaka in her brown sweaty hand, she gave it to me, and said in a sweet voice,’ this is for you!’ All of a sudden, the uncomfortable feelings about the hot weather had gone away!



The next day early in the morning, we woke up at 5am in order to enjoy the early market. David and Alice took us there by motorcycles, I felt excited when the humid and salty air patted softly on my face. There are a variety of fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables here as well as Balifeb5traditional Indonesian breakfast made by white rice paste and green bean paste. We also bought many ingredients for cooking Chinese food someday, hopefully tonight! In the afternoon, we went to a jungle to see how the civet cat produces the luwak coffee. We learned that it is also named as the ‘poo poo coffee’. Actually, the luwak is not my taste, because it’s too bitter, but some people are really experts in it. What a colorful day. In the evening we went to watch the traditional Balinese dancing near the sea shore and we ate delicious dishes on a coach located on the sand with candle on the wooden table! Gradually I become fascinated with the place, the weather and the people here!


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