Lessons from a Paper Boat

Boat AcehBy: Wendi, UNNC Voluntourist

Before I came to Aceh, I thought the people there must be quite different from those in China. In fact, the appearance, the whether and the way they dress is significantly different. However, one little thing changed my mind.

It was the paper folding. After the SD1 English class was over, I found that the two little girls were folding paper. They were singing and talking to each other happily using the language that I could not understand. But actually I did not feel like I was being ignored. What surprised me was that I knew what they were folding.  It was a KidsAcehpaper boat. My mother taught me how to fold the same boat and I didn’t expect to see the same way of folding on this island, in a place so far from my hometown. It was so familiar and my heart was warmed.

I realized the fact that there is no differences between human beings. Whatever the country, whatever the language, we are all humans. The world is a whole.

So  I  did not  leave  immediately  after the c lass.  I  folded   paper boxes,  paper canres  and   paper stars  for  them. They  seemed   happy  with  those  little  things. They  laughed,  and that  is why  I  came  here.



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