Same City, New View


BIMG_5320y: Isabel, Co-Director Nakuru

My name is Isabel. I am a new Co-Director at the Nakuru IHF centre and this is my second week here. I come from Nakuru so adjusting to the centre has been easier for me. I feel like I am still at home, except for the big family of children and staff which am not accustomed to.

I am slowly getting used to this. The thing that is a bit challenging for me is some of the online work. But with the help of other IMG_5251Co-Directors, I am catching up.

I came to the centre at a busy time. Some of the kids are being sent to new schools and others are still to be admitted. I am also fortunate to have come at a time when a new system of school follow ups has been introduced.

I am excited to be in charge of one of the groups. I know this will be very helpful and necessary measures will be taken to improve and upgrade the marks of the children. I WP_20160204_11_54_48_Probelieve we will also have better relationships with the children, hence making it easier for us to know any other pressing issues they might have.

This week we will be doing an induction of what we plan to do with the children and hopefully it will be the beginning of great and better things to come.


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