Re-connecting in Thailand

By: Julie, Executive Director Thailand and KenyaDCIM102GOPROGOPR3088.

It’s hard to believe how quickly my time here is passing.  I am already past the half way point of my three months and starting to plan my return to Kenya.  I’ve been able to do some new things whilst I was here including a day trip to the lake at Phyao, the flower market and the undertaking of a Hah Yaew tattoo ceremony.  The 10 rules by which I now have to live my life will give me a profound and lasting memory of my time here in Thailand.

DSCN0389The other beautiful thing about my visit has been being able to renew my friendship and care of the young people here.  Having been given a warm welcome back we have now settled into a comfortable family atmosphere.  I don’t even have to badger the boys to cook and clean! The girls have had some difficult choices to make about their futures. Sukanya and Janjira will be finishing High School in a few weeks and have made the decision to go to university in Chiang Mai. This will mean a very fast move for them to independence but they have both chosen a very good university and excellent courses.  Whilst I will miss them and hope they will keep in touch, I’m very happy that they got such excellent grades to enter a top university in Thailand. We also had a visit from a former child of the centre – Soithong – with her baby son who is now one year old. I was delighted to see her and it was lovely to have a baby at the centre for a few days. He was very spoiled by us all.

We had a large festival here near the centre with 002loads of food (the Thai’s do love their food!) and clothing stalls. It had a really bizarre cowboys and Indians theme but most strange was the baby rabbits dressed in Suits and dresses.  I had to laugh and sent it to the team in Kenya as a suggested development to our rabbit project.



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