Art History and Fundraising

By: Gabby, Co-Director Jakarta

This was a very special week for use here at JakartaIMG_5157 center. Not only did we have a full week of classes, but we organized and hosted a fundraiser as well!

Katarina has begun her Art history program with our students. This week they learned about the art of ancient Egypt. Art history is a great way to get students curious about other cultures, while still enabling them to think creatively. Though the class was delayed (due to the infamous Jakarta traffic) the students left with a greater knowledge of the world around them, and capitalized on a chance to stretch those creative muscles!

IIMG_5161 (1)n addition, we practiced some abstract painting with our SD1-6 students. They really took to the activity, and enjoyed the lack of rules or structure. Sometimes being able to do works of art like this can be the greatest stress reliever. Let’s not forget that children can get stressed out too! all in all it was a great, stress-free event and day.

The most notable part of this week however did not occur in the classroom. Our Fundraiser, “Meatballs for Education” was held on Sunday. Even though it was the beginning of Chinese New Year, we still had a pretty good turnout. The event IMG_5208was a lunch, where attendees could eat some Bakso (or meatballs,) kindly donated by Bakso Benhil, tour our center, and learn a bit more about our programs. We raised a total of Rp. 781,000 on the day, and are incredibly thankful to everyone who attended.

IMG_5211Hopefully we are able to host more events like this in the future. We are passionate about our children, and will continue to work with the Jakarta community to garner even further support for our programs.


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