Valuable experiences teaching as a Local Volunteer in Medan Center

By: Nur, Local Teacher Medan Media Medan Center 1 -7 Feb 2016  (2)

My name is Nur. I have been with IHF as a local teacher in Medan Center since last year. I have been teaching Maths for primary levels here.

Medan Center has been like my second home. This center is not only teaches the children but the local teachers as well. I learned how to communicate with the kids better. I believe the best way to improve ourselves is by sharing our knowledge with others, because sharing motivates us to gain even more knowledge.

Media Medan Center 1 -7 Feb 2016  (1)Every Friday, Medan center has a special class for local teachers to improve our English conversation skills. This class has been taken care of by Ms. Aditi, one of our Co-Directors. As a local who never goes out of my shell, getting a chance to share stories with the foreign volunteers is something nice to do. We get a chance to know how living in other countries than ours. It is so very interesting. Our Co-Directors are patient to guide the teachers if we don’t understand some subjects. I just can say thank you very much everything. I believe whatever I got from here  will be useful in improving myself for a better future.


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  1. Nurul Lubis says:

    It’s really interesting. If you don’t mind, I’m interested to know about that volunteer program. How can I get those information?

    1. We have 4 different kinds of volunteer opportunities with IHF. Co-Directors commit to a year of service at one of our centers, and do not have to pay for room and board.

      Work-study volunteers commit to 1-3 months at one of our centers, working with our online teams and on local tasks, and pay a minimal fee for room and board.

      Voluntourists stay for a minimum of 2 weeks, focusing on our local projects, and also pay a minimal fee for room and board.

      Local volunteers teach English, math and life-skills classes at our centers.

      Which one are you most interested in?

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