Full and Fulfilled

By: Julie, Executive Director Thailand and KenyaDSCN0447

The weeks seem to be flying past now I am coming towards the end of my stay at IHF Chiang Rai.  The weather is getting hotter every day.  The time from 4pm, when the light is so special and it is warm but not too hot, is becoming my favourite part of the day.  To keep cool in the afternoons many people have been heading to the river to swim. It is very shallow now as we’ve had no rain for several months and you can wade right across it to the other side.  It is lovely to sit in the shade on the bamboo platforms by the side of the river and watch the water slide by.

DCIM102GOPROGOPR2547.I was very fortunate this week to be invited for dinner with my Thai friends – Suchai and Od. They have just moved into a new house next to the bottling factory they own and it was very beautiful. On the way we stopped to buy some freshwater King Prawns which are farmed just outside Chiang Rai. They were swept out of their tank (alive) and straight onto the BBQ.  Whilst they tasted delicious I felt a bit bad for them.

Continuing the food theme, the children requestedDSCN0448 fresh Tilapia (river fish) and so I went to the local market to buy these for dinner. Again the fish were still alive and were prepared on the spot.  The local markets are wonderful in the diversity of fresh meat, fish and vegetables at very cheap prices. I know I’m going to miss all the Thai delicacies when I return to Kenya next month.



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