Volunteers visit Kenya

By: Mike, Co-Director Kenya IMG_5494

My name is Mike and I am a co-Director in Nakuru from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been here at the centre for almost four months and am enjoying the learning experience that the centre is providing me with. This week has seen a lot of action on many different fronts. With one of our co-Directors going on her monthly four-day leave on Wednesday, the IMG_0857work has picked up quite a bit. But she left four co-Directors at the centre, so it has not been that bad. The real excitement came when we had to host around eighty volunteers who had come to do some community outreach at the centre.

The group from Cap Youth Institute came and did a variety of activities from cleaning the buildings, washing the children’s clothes, cooking meals, feeding the rabbits, cleaning the centre grounds, chopping firewood, and clearing the soccer field at the centre. IMG_0870They also played a game of soccer against the children, which proved to be a lot of fun and the boys really enjoyed it. They got to share some experiences, personal and otherwise, with the children.

We also received a huge amount of donations from the Cap Youth Institute as well as some other parties, which were greatly appreciated by the children.


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