The Second Week at IHF Aceh Center

IMG_2671By: Jim, voluntourist Aceh

When I was typing these letters, it was the end of my teaching journey in IHF Banda Aceh Center. Compared to the first week, I felt more comfortable to deal with lessons and the daily life.

Along with the normal classes, we also taught mandarin to SMP students. It was very exciting to express our Chinese culture to Indonesian people. But it was also a big challenge because the pronunciation and writing of mandarin is difficult for foreigners. I thought the class was carried on well, and I was happy to let more people know my country.

I was also touched by the enthusiasm of local volunteers. These people are really warm-hearted. They said ‘hi’ to me with passion and even helped us with our classes, for
example, they translate our English to Indonesian which made our speaking easy to understand. When I was free, it was interesting to talk with these local volunteers and co-directors. We talked about our universities and the difference between our cultures, even small personal stories. All these stories made the conversation full of laughter. I now know more about how different people live and think in different parts of the world.

FIMG_2616or pleasure, I went to Sabang on Sunday with my friends. We tried diving in the near ocean and it was really a fantastic experience. It was my first time to dive and the peace inside the ocean surprised me. We also went to see the sunset. Although there were many clouds in the sky, the orange of the sunset and the blue of the ocean created a beautiful view!

The volunteers in the center and the local people impressed me a lot, they helped me in these days and treated me as their friend. This journey must be one of the most wonderful memories in my life. I hope that I can recall these moments and never lose the passion of life that I feel in Banda Aceh.


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