Cultural Exchange and Class Growth

RecruitmentBy: Sahat, Co-Director Medan

Many things happen at the center, especially when we have volunteers from abroad. As always, the children love to see new faces and it is a very good opportunity for the volunteers to share their knowledge and experiences with the children. Learning Bahasa with the children was one of activities we held. The children and volunteers were having good interactions, sharing with each other in this language and cultural exchange.  Not to mention, teaching with the children every day is our priority, and volunteers helped our center teachers. We also organized some special activities with children on Fridays. Our English classes are always very active for those present in the class. Our teachers always try something new in their teaching that can increase student motivation and have them become more engaged in learning activities.

Special activityRecently, we went recruiting and visited the children from home to home. It was a great time to share our flyers and seek poor families to help them afford good education. We love to see their smiles when we were able to talk to them directly, and give them chances for education. In order to grab knowledge to have a better future in their life, you must have education. By going door to door, we believe we can get more students to register for classes at the center. We are so happy to say that we have seen some children had come along with their parents to register at the center.Meran

Another day, we had a special activity about making snow dolls from chart paper. We prepared all the things that we need to have such as chart paper, colored paper, crayons, and glue. Children are encouraged to use their imagination to create their own snow doll. Our teacher Nur is always a great helper and joined to teach the children step by step how to make a snow doll according to their interest. She helped them to cut the paper, glued the materials, and gave them the colors. After we did all, the children could take home their own craft. We really had so much fun and we hope that we can get more students to join with our special activity class in the next session!


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