Nakuru and the Importance of Education

By: Isabel, Co-Director NakuruIMG-20160228-WA0002

My name is Isabel and I am a co-Director at Nakuru Centre in Kenya. As one of the Co-Directors of the centre and having stayed here for one and a half months, I have managed to become close to the kids. It’s even easier to interact with them since I am Kenyan. We have had many educational sessions. I have talked to them about the importance of education and what it is like to be out of school. Last weekend we had some guests at our centre. Along with helping with work at the centre, they also had a motivational talk with the kids which made it easier for personal questions to be asked and addressed.

The football pitch was also cleared and it’s amazing to see the kids play over the weekend. So much talent can be seen in some of them. This is what we as co-directors are trying to IMG_5214nurture — talent. Other than education, we know how far talent can take some of them. What I like about the centre is how understanding the children are when it comes to different situations that occur at the centre. They are very mature and once an explanation has been given to them they are good.

In a few weeks the high school results are going to be released. We have a few candidates at the centre, and we are excited and looking forward to it.

Given that this week begins new month, we can’t wait to see what it has in store for us.


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