5 Days at IHF Jakarta


By: Gabby, Co-Director Jakarta


The first day of the week is always filled with surprises and hard work. We continued our training with Joyce and looked at the week ahead:xcvn 001 sponsor letters to write, special activities to plan, another (!) co-director to invite into our home, and the finance training workshop for our SMA and SMP students to finalize.


This is always a wonderful day. We have a full schedule of classes, and are rewarded. On Wednesday Katarina, who teaches design at a local university, runs a great art history session filled with creativity and knowledge. Before we get to this, we must go recruiting. We met the sweetest girl, who gave us a lovely (and very professional) tour around her xcvn 022neighborhood, helping us look for potential students.


Another full day of classes starts with a great first lesson from our new Aflatoun teachers Gita and Annetta. They had so much fun with their students, and stayed an extra two hours to plan their next few lessons. But the excitement didn’t stop there. We also welcomed our latest co-director Archita to the center. She is going to be trained here at Jakarta before heading out to our center in Bali. xcvn 015


Friday is not only the day to make colorful paper fans with our students, but our latest Archita’s first full day as well. She got a crash course in the hectic atmosphere that is Jakarta center, and handled it all with grace! Even if we did have to take a stroll down to our local coffee shop, the God Brewer, to take xcvn 009refuge in the AC.


Saturday was the busiest day of our week this time around. We started with a trip to the market with Archita, then to get a sim card, and finally back to the house. Then was the important task of setting up the computer room so it would be ready for our finance training. After this, we were off to get food, and get our kids into class! The finance training was a huge success. On top of this preparation and execution for the finance training, we had to help our students write sponsor letters, teach, and maintain our own sanity! Last but not least, we built the xcvn 031bookshelves we bought with a wonderful donation for our library.

Stay tuned, and see if you can keep up with us here at IHF Jakarta!



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