Jogging Time

By: Sahat, Co-Director Medan20151206_082427(0)

We had so much fun jogging at Merdeka Walk with the children and Giovanni,a voluntourist at our center. On Sunday morning, our SMA students had already arrived at the center, and they had so much spirit to go together. They even asked for us to have competition to run as fast as we can to Merdeka Walk, and whoever arrived first the target place would be the winner. I didn’t want to join with the competition, because l would become tired from it. Then, we finally departed 20151206_083708from our center in the early morning at 7 AM and went on foot, which took about 1 hour. All of us went to Merdeka Walk by foot.

After arriving in Merdeka Walk, it was such a great moment for us because there was a big event about doing gymnastics which was open for public. This event was attended by so many people around Medan. After watching, we went jogging for some hours in there. It was so much fun. We had some food together. I think Bakpao is the best option to buy.20151206_085833

The students really love Gio. He is very nice, and he had good interactions with the students. They really miss him at the center, especially our boy students. We had football match several times during his stay in Medan. Gio is a very good football player.


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