Week 2: Work Study Thailand

By: Hernan, Work-Study Thailand

IMG_5609 (1)The week passed by very quickly; Teresa the new co-director came the previous Sunday. Julie advised us to go downtown on Monday so I would be able to show her where do we buy the vegetables for the center, groceries (Big C supermarket,) and where to pay the bills. So that’s what we did. I also showed her the downtown and the night Bazar where we had dinner.  It was cool because I also got to see new places and try new food.

The children were having exams so they were all very busy studying, particularly Monday and Tuesday so I wasn’t able to talk much to them during those days. However we were still planning the BBQ. Most of the week I was doing center tasks, including cooking. I really like the cooking because I’m learning how to make new dishes (including Thai dishes.)I guess I will be able to cook something different for my mother when I get back home. We also cleaned part of the center, and did some maintenance.017

Some of the children had most of their exams at the beginning of the week, so I did most of the cleaning on Tuesday and decided to go to the downtown for a while. I went with Julie to rent a bike too, I did it for three days; we were thinking to go on a road trip on Wednesday around Chiang Rai’s countryside, I thought it will be interesting to see the mountains and get out of the city for a while. The good thing is that you can actually rent a bike for five dollars a day, which is quite good, but if you rent it for longer periods you can get cheaper rates.

Wednesday came and we left at 9:30 am, we were planning to be back by three so we were able to do some local tasks at the center. The countryside was fun. It is very nice and peaceful, and there is very nice scenery. I got to see elephants for the first time.  During nighttime I was invited by the girls to have dinner with them; they cooked mashed potatoes with some spices and vegetables, I have to say that it was very spicy but it was amazing, I’m looking forward to learn how to make them.

Thursday was probably the best day; we left in the morning, but this time with Indar (the other volunteer) and Teresa. First we went to the white temple; it is a very interesting temple, impressive on the inside and beautiful on the outside. Later on we went to the waterfalls that are close by the temple, the hiking to get there was actually amazing as IMG_5607well as the waterfalls. Finally, what a better way to end the day that having a BBQ with some of the children; unfortunately not all of them were able to come but it was nice to share some time with them as well as the volunteers.

Friday was quite chilly, I went with Indar to the countryside again, because I really like it and I wanted to show him around since he had rented a bike too. We got back at around three and after returning the bike I spent all day working on local and mostly international tasks.

Julie was leaving on Sunday so on Saturday we decided to go out to the downtown for some time and talk a little bit. We had dinner and went back to the center after visiting some places around. Finally Sunday was a cleaning day; I also finished certain tasks I had to. In general it was a fun week, and I’m really looking forward to the next week as well.


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