Voluntourist Values Bali Experience

By: Mireia, VoluntouristIMG_8657

My experience as a volunteer in IHF Bali centre started almost three weeks ago and now it is about to finish. Time has passed really fast, and I think this is a good sign of me having enjoyed my time here in Buitan, Bali.

IIMG_8591n the beginning I was a little bit confused as the children had holidays and we did not have regular classes. Not many children appeared, and we played games most of the time. It was also a good chance to spend time laughing and trying to become familiar and closer to them. After the two first weeks we started regular classes again and more students came to the centre than during the holiday period.

This part was also really rewarding as it is aIMG_8573
great experience seeing how the children try to do their best during classes and at the same time, enjoy their learning path. I was really surprised about how happy, smiley and good students they are. They are almost all really creative and artistic. They like to spend most of the time drawing or playing games on the floor together (especially the memory game, they just love it).


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