Urban and Rural Lifestyles

By: Edita, Co-Director NakuruIMG-20160314-WA0000

It is my third month being here and I am discovering different sides of Kenya. This week our work-study volunteer Lisa and I went for a one day trip to East Pokot. East Pokot is a tribal area in Baringo County. The idea to visit this area came to our mind because the children living at our centre come from there. The trip was really exciting starting with the wonderful landscape on the way IMG_3074to Pokot. We were lucky to be there on the market day. We saw local people gathering to sell or buy things in the market. We also visited a house of one local staff of our centre, where we enjoyed great homemade Kenyan tea.

Being there made us wonder two things. First we thought about how the difference between life in Pokot and Nakuru was so massive that you could hardly believe that you were in the same country. Then, we thought about the way people live. The mindset which they have here is so different from our western thinking, IMG_2874The discussions with local people always led to laughter from both sides of the discussion.

The life at the centre is quite calm these days, all the children are now in school, preparing for their first term exams. Us Co-Directors are also trying to offer more support with their homework and help our children perform well.


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