Artists in the Making

Photo ShootBy: Kristine, Co-Director Aceh

We have been having so much fun with our 4th grade class!  They have had a few special activities recently that have brought out their artistic tendencies.

First, we did origami with them, making paper frogs.  This activity required them to apply focused attention and practice their listening skills and following instructions.  They did a great job!  They are such wonderful kids that those who were ahead in making their frogs assisted those students who were a little behind.  After all the frogs were made, we had an origami frog race.  The judges are still trying to decide who won.

IMG_1464We also had a special art class where the kids got to paint any scene they wanted.  They learned what colours to mix in order to get other colours.  They really enjoyed using paints because we don’t do that often. Most chose to paint landscapes or flowers.  We spread newspapers across the tables to minimise potential messes and make cleanup easy, and the kids went to town.  The results were beautiful. They left them at the centre for a few days to dry then took them home after their next class.Art Class

Finally, we had a photo shoot with some of the girls after class one day, just for fun.  What models they are!  We didn’t even have to pose them.  They just naturally posed themselves and did such a great job.  All we had to do was snap the photos.  We ended up with some beautiful shots of our gorgeous students.  Meanwhile, the boys weren’t feeling particularly artistic that day and instead played a quick game of football.

We’ll see what great works of art we get from our promising students in the future!


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