Happy Birthday in Medan

12380142_965161650220305_2108663832_nBy: Sahat, Co-Director Medan

Last week we had two great moments here at the IHF Medan center. The first moment was celebrating Garbella’s 15th birthday with all the children and her mother at the center. On this special birthday, she was very happy that she received a generous special donation from her sponsor. It was the second time that Garbella celebrated her birthday at the center!

Garbella's birthdayAll her friends said congratulations to her and then they ate a very nice birthday cake altogether. Garbella is one of our current TEP students. She is really thankful that she can get extra help and support her education. Garbella is a good girl. She is easy to smile and likes joking with her friends.

Another great event that we had was the special activity held on Fridays at the center. The children made some art. They drew and developed their imagination, cultivating their creative side in terms of artistic skill. It is very nice of them to be able to take part and make something great. I am impressed by their works of art! I am very happy to be here. Every child is amazing. They all have the potential to use their talent, capability and great ideas to enhance their artistic skills.

In addition, our beloved center got special Art workdonation to buy books in the library. Now, our library has been adding many books such as children’s books, coloring books, and general English knowledge books. The children are getting serious about reading books and gaining more knowledge. We love to see them to have more awareness and positive attitudes towards reading.



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