Beautiful Children, Beautiful Kenya

By:  Aggie, Co-Director KenyaWP_20160327_11_17_57_Pro

My name is Aggie and I`ve been volunteering in Nakuru Center for nearly 6 months now. Time is flying by unbelievably fast here, it feels like Christmas was only yesterday and now it is already Easter!

We are continuing the work with our kids, having homework club and giving individual assistance and support. We are now all preparing for the end-of-term exams so there has been a lot of studying going on lately.

WP_20160321_17_10_21_ProThe kids study very hard and try to get the best grades that they can. At the same time we are all in the upcoming holiday mood, looking forward to relaxing and having time off from school!

Last week another volunteer and I spent a wonderful few days off in the eastern part of Kenya, known for magnificent lakes with islands, vast semi-arid landscapes, and breath-taking views. It was a very relaxing experience, full of adventure andWP_20160326_06_48_16_Pro spontaneous situations. We had a lot of fun! We are now back at the center, with much
more energy to work and share our enthusiasm with the kids, so to motivate them even more in their studies.

We all hope the exams will go well for them and that soon they will be enjoying their well-deserved holidays. We are all looking forward to it!


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