Super Heroes for Super Kids

By: Gabby, Co-Director Jakarta

This week our special activity was to create super heroes! All of the students were very excited, and we had a larger than normal turnout. Seeing the student’s anticipation throughout the week for this Friday special activity was great. Both the boys and the girls were excited. Who doesn’t love super heroes?

IMG_2234For this super craft, we needed Popsicle sticks. Thankfully we had recently bought some, so it was not an issue. We also needed some paint, and some super glue. The paint was to add the details. The super glue was used to put two of the Popsicle sticks together, creating a larger work area for painting on the super hero’s.

Before we started the craft, Emma, who has transferred here with Kristine from Aceh, created some examples for the students to look at. I think she had just as much fun as the kids! Then when it was 5:00pm, it came time for the students to try it out.IMG_2231

Like I said, this was a pretty popular special activity, but we were well prepared. As usual, Fika and Oktavina were there to help us out. The students made the Green Lantern, Wonder Women, and Iron Man. All in all the activity was a huge success. Hooray for super heroes!


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