First Impressions: Medan

By:  Carolina, Voluntourist MedanIMG_3660 (1)

In this first week here I was so well receive by everyone!  The house-keeper is very sweet, the food is delicious, and I have had the pleasure to try a different local dish every day.  The kids are lovely and the Co-Directors Lissa and Aditi made me feel at home and very welcome. Since I’m the only volunteer, they took me out and we visited some places, including a cultural event with a “famous Indonesian singer”.  I got a Henna tattoo as well!

This week I only assisted in the classes, but the students are amazing!  I loved to see that they really want to learn; sometimes they come early and stay late after the classes.  That surprised me because it is something that I would never see at home.  I’m very happy that they recognize that this is good for their future, and that they value all the work that is done.

IMG_3586The special activity that I prepared this week was to teach them a little bit about the continents and oceans.  I made a map and cut out the continents and the oceans so that they could stick them in the right place.  After that we painted the map, and hopefully now they know a little bit more about the continents.


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