A Day of Adventures

By:  Teresa, Co-Director Thailand

I’ve only been in Thailand for three weeks, and I’ve already seen so much!  This week one of our work-study volunteers, Hernan, and I were able to take a trip out to Baan Dam, also known as the Black House Museum.  It is a collection of buildings, items, and artwork all belonging to Thawan Duchanee, a nationally recognized artist in Thailand.  Some of artwork included a lot of skulls, and was a little dark for IMG_1556my tastes, but none-the-less it was very interesting to see.

On our way home we detoured over to Tham Tu Pu and Wat Tham Phra, two caves with statues of Buddha in the inside.  They are near the Kok River, so afterwards we relaxed in one of the huts by the river, and dipped our feet in the cool water.  There were lots of Thai people swimming and having a great time there.

When we got home we were astonished to find that the old abandoned airport by the center had been transformed!  There was a giant concert stage set up, with a walled-in concert area and a huge crowd of Thai people around.  Of course we had to go check it out, and IMG_1564the guards ended up letting us in for free!  This was probably because it turned out that there were only a few songs left, but it was still great to see.  The band was Carabao, one of Thailand’s most famous rock bands!

It was a lot of excitement for one day, but I love that there is always something fun to do here in Chiang Rai!


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