3 Things I Learned in Bali

By:  Ina, Work Study BaliIMG_3497

First of all I have to say that I am really glad I decided to volunteer with IHF in Bali.  It’s been an awesome opportunity for me to work with kids, improve my abilities, and have an insight to how a NGO can be organized.  But now to the three most important things I have learned the last month:

1.) I learned to leave the world I’m used to behind.

It doesn’t make any sense to compare this place to where most of us volunteers come from.  Doing that you would only see what’s missing here, but you wouldn’t be giving this area any justice.  Yes, you’re only able to get two to three sorts of jam, finding pasta is a IMG_3494highlight, and you’re happy when you’re able to get three different colors of paper for the kids to do crafts with.  But if you look past that, you would see that this is a very rich place.  Rich in things we tend to forget about in our world.  You only need five stones to play a game with your friends, and for going to the beach with your family you don’t need anything more than those people to have a good time.  The people here really know that.

2.) I learned how to teach (well, I learned the basics at least!)

I had never taught before coming here and was quite nervous about that part.  My first lesson plan took me ages and let’s face it, the lesson was not that great in the end.  But as time goes on you get better, you get more used to your new tasks and more confident with your new position.  And seeing the kidsIMG_3471 improve is well worth the effort!

3.) I learned how to ride a scooter!

It may sound surprising that I put this on the list, but where the center is located in Bali, this is crucial.  But don’t be put off by that, it’s really not that difficult!  And to be honest, it’s quite fun to get around on a scooter here.

Luckily I still have two more months here and I’m curious what I’ll learn in that time.  I’m looking forward to all those upcoming experiences


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