First Week, Fresh Experiences

By:  Marta, Voluntourist Bali

My first week…was amazing.

After flying for almost 20 hours from Barcelona, Spain (my lovely home city), I landed in Bali. My first thought was something like “OMG it is really hot here”.  Pak Agus from from the center (and the most helpful man on the island), was already waiting for my arrival at the airport.

The last few years of my life, I have been combining my studies with work, to get job experience and improve my skills.  After living for nearly two years in The Netherlands, I decided to do something completely different:  to be a voluntourist.  Combining a month vacation with 6cdc1b68-1aee-4892-bf5b-e349aca83ff7volunteering at an IHF center has been the best decision ever.

How does it work? I am staying in the center, living with the other volunteers and helping out during the classes.  At the same time, I have enough free time to discover the island.  With my rented motorbike, I am free to move around the surroundings.  One of the best views I found was by coincidence, on a path to ‘who knows where’.  See the picture:  enjoy it!

The locals are very nice and kind people, always curious about you, willing to help in case you need it, and of course eager to make their businesses much better!

I am really impressed with the students at the center.  They are so smart!  Also, the fact that the kids come to the center as a voluntary act means a lot; they really want to learn and they enjoy doing it.

After the first day of just being a listener in the classes, I started to participate, mostly focusing on the kids that need more effort to follow the lesson.  I am so grateful to seec0da12d7-e847-4ff9-adfe-6b158c53e860 that a little effort from me can help them that much.  And of course, to get the attention back to the class, for the most distracted kids!

Last Saturday, we had a special activity day.  It is a big challenge to find a new activity for the kids, that is suitable for all ages. I proposed the paper craft called Cootie Catcher and the famous Pictionary.  Fortunately, they all loved it!

Let’s see what next week holds…


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