6 Month Marker: A Co-Director Reflects

BWP_20160508_13_14_21_Proy:  Aggie, Co-Director Kenya

Last week was the last week of my stay here before going home for holidays!

It was a very reflective week, full of summarizing thoughts about the past six months.  The time here in Kenya always flies.  Every day is full of unknown, adventure, surprise.

There were days which kept you busy all day long with plenty of stuff going on.  Your attention was required without any breaks.  But there were also lazy days when the rain came and stopped everything for a moment – there was a time for afternoon tea and biscuits, watching a movie or reading a book. WP_20160508_13_15_06_Pro

My past six months here were very intense – it would be hard for me
to describe it briefly to anyone who wasn’t here.  The times of joy and happiness were mixed with  disappointments and failures.  Every success of a child though compensated for any negative issue with another.

The children have been studying really hard which made me so proud of them.  It is amazing to see a child growing, becoming a better person, learning.

We have all been learning here from each other – children, local staff, directors and assistants. We have been concentrating on WP_20160508_13_13_23_Prodeveloping the team work and developing our skills.

It was a great adventure to be back to Kenya again…As usually in my case, I already can`t wait to be back to this country – somehow it has become my second home. A place where I am growing, learning, becoming better in what I want to do in my life – working in international development.  This time it will only be a three week break before I come back again.  Hopefully I will charge my batteries and be ready for hard crazy work again…it`s so worth it!


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