Uncountable Nouns and Creativity

By:  Kristine, Co-Director JakartaFullSizeRender 27

We’re almost at the finish line!  One more week of exam preparations then it’s time for our students to show what they have learned this semester.

Last week in Jakarta, our junior high school students reviewed present and future tenses.  They did grammar drills and practiced choosing the right tense to complete sentences.
IMG_3137Some of our youngest students reviewed family vocabulary by drawing family trees and others reviewed words to describe taste and food.  Others of our students reviewed countable and uncountable nouns – they did not have a lot of fun doing it but it was necessary.  Did you get the uncountable noun pun there?

Meanwhile, we continue our artsy ways in Jakarta, starting with a day of royalty. Some of our younger girls were princesses for an afternoon when they made paper crowns.  This activity involved 3 of their favourite activities: drawing, colouring and cutting paper.  They also used “jewels” to enhance their fabulous headgear.IMG_3134
We also had a special colour theory activity, where the children learned about primary, secondary and tertiary colors. They made color wheels for each other and also did an activity where they had to pick complementary colors and color an illusion.  Fun was had by all!


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  1. Kids with talents are beautiful creations of God. They should be nurtured the way that you do. Thank you! & Thank you for this wonderful feature. It is very similar to what I wish to fight for, I hope you can come visit my blog 🙂
    thank you for the love! xoxo, Z

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