Birds Take Flight

By: Sahat, Co-Director Aceh DSCN0456

It’s already May. That means final exams are coming soon. All the classes are going to review the lessons they have learned this semester. We are hoping that they can catch up on lessons that they have missed before. Not to mention, all the teachers will make some changes according to the level of their classes. After that, we need to compile and make copies of the papers so they are ready to be handed out on the exam days. The students were informed in advance about the exam schedule. We will also hold a Pass It On Ceremony a week after the exams. Everyone is so excited for that moment, and cannot wait to learn of their own exam results.

IDSCN0425 have been browsing the internet to help me think of craft activities for the children this week. Want to see what I have found? Here you go! This kind of activity was so much fun with the kids. The theme was about making 3D birds. The materials are origami papers, glue, and crayons . It is quite easy to make actually. The children were given instructions to be followed step by step. First, they needed to draw the bird sketches on the drawing paper according to their interests. They could draw any kind of bird they wanted. Next, they cut it and painted it with color. Last , we folded origami papers to make the wings and fastened them with glue. This craft can be adapted with siDSCN0463mple preparations and clear instructions so that it can be attempted by children of all ages.

All our children quickly and easily made the craft, and they were satisfied with what they had produced. Crafting with children is all about having fun, experimenting, and adapting activities to suit what we have available and we think that the children would enjoy most. We are planning to make something new next time!


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