A Week Full of New Events

Picking Fresh Mangos
By: Deanna, Work-Study Thailand

This week at IHF Chiang Rai our mango trees are ripe and ready to be eaten. Several times this week we have seen Arisa, Jiraporn and Nupon, climb the trees in the backyard to pick fresh mangos for everyone to eat.

On top of it being the right time for Mangos, it is also the perfect time for the Maeng Mun ant to come out. On Wednesday evening the whole neighbourhood was out on the streets catching the Maeng Mun, including some of the kids at the centre. We learnt that it only comes out a couple of times a year and is cooked as a special food in Northern Thailand. With a bit of oil and salt in the pan, Arisa cooked the Maeng Mun and we all ate it. To us it tasted like crunchy popcorn.

Arisa, Kantiya and Jiraporn have all been very helpful in the kitchen this Darid's New Helmetweek. Most evenings we begin to cook dinner and then ask them to help us out, but it usually ends up with them showing us the better
way to prepare and cook the meals. We were also very happy to welcome some new chicks that hatched this week, our family of chickens is growing!

We are very proud on Darid’s decision to buy a helmet for his new scooter. Unfortunately in Thailand a lot of people don’t wear it and it can be very dangerous. We are really happy to see that Arisa the Teacherhe is always using it.

Our week ended with a Sunday dinner altogether, followed by a Thai lesson from Arisa. She is a great teacher, and although our pronunciations made most of the young ones laugh out loud, they were more than happy to help us out.


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