It’s a Day to be Happy at IHF Awards!

By: Sahat, Co-Director IHF Medan

May is in full of happiness in Aceh!

We are so excited to report that our Pass It On Ceremony was successfully done on Saturday, 28 May 2016. We are very proud to make a special theme of this event “IHF Awards.” The theme was happiness! This event had been anticipated by all the children after they had completed the final exams. One day before the ceremony was held, we were so busy preparing things, going over the Run-Down for the Pass It On, figuring out gifts for the rank holders of each class, making sure that all the grading completed, certificates DSCN1466created and signed by teachers, wrapping the prizes and decorating the center with senior students. We were all very excited and can’t wait to see their smiles faces at the event then.

On Pass It On, we were welcoming students with activity such as to play music and songs. Then, children who got the best scores would show up to get their certificates and prizes in front. Since we didn’t want to miss a thing at this event, it was a very good time to take pictures with the teachers and winners together to document our great moments. We also prepared some special awards for best attendance in each class. We believe that all the children felt so much joy when they went home from the center. This time, we had a favorite teacher of the year, too. Risqa was chosen as the best teacher. She was greatly appreciated by all of us. The children are also really close to her. DSCN1497Risqa is just like an older sister for them.

We had some delicious food. Bunga and the teachers helped us to prepare some fried rice (nasi goreng), cakes and drinks. We gave out the snacks, drinks and ate together. Then, we continued organizing for activities. Everyone was excited to follow the games. They were given additional prizes to those who won at the games. Finally, we took one final picture with all the children and teachers. We realized that it was a precious moment at our center this time. We will start classes again soon, and we hope that students will come more to register for the new school year.


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