First Week in Bali: 3 Observations

By: Xuanli, Voluntourist Bali 

How time passed by! My volunteer life in Bali has lasted for one week. I have already gotten familiar with the pace of life here. Being a volunteer of IHF seems to be the most splendid experience for me this summer. I’m very glad to share what I gained from the past days:

1.) Life at the center

As a member of the center, I am an assistant and I help during classes along with other volunteers. Children are divided into different classes and every volunteer tries their best to make the courses both useful and interesting so that local children can benefit from them. This means volunteers need a lot of sufficient preparation for each class. To be honest, I didn’t know much about teaching. But I’m getting better and better since coming here, while also having fun and gaining a sense of achievement.

The other time is free for me, so I have a lot of time to handle my own business, and exploring the island is a good choice. I can also benefit from chatting with other volunteers. We live together these days and share experience and feelings. The atmosphere of the center is friendly and peaceful. The center is located in a quiet place by the sea. It has a beautiful garden and two houses with complete facilities which even includes a swimming pool! It is an excellent place for children to play and study. Living here is also comfortable for us volunteers.

2.) Making friends with the children

When I first arrived at the center, some local children were playing happily with volunteers. These children are very enthusiastic and friendly; I joined their game easily and soon became a friend of theirs. After a few days of getting to know each other, I’m deeply impressed by their intelligence. They learn things really fast and all of them have a good memory. Some of them taught me the local language and shared toys with me. I am lucky to be teaching these lovely children.

3.) Bali, a picture-perfect place

Near the border of the equator, this island is just like a Fairy Tale World. We went volcano hiking during our day off. It was a difficult journey, but really worth it when we saw the sunrise from the top of the mountain. The sea near the center is pure and I hear the sound of waves every night. The starry sky can be seen every night as well. It’s hard to describe how wonderful it is with words. It’s a place that you could never regret coming to.

That’s my entire story and I still have one more week to experience these things. I’m looking forward to find more splendid things. I hope you can have your own unique story here.


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  1. Santi Montes says:

    Nice description and very realistic. Xuanli was really involved with the children there and that is well refleted in his text.. Great times at Bali Center we shared!!

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