We have a Lot of Friends at the Center

By: Sarah, Co-Director IHF Thailandchicks

This week in Chiang Rai was a normal, busy week.

It was raining even more than last week, and so we were not able to do a lot due to the bad weather.

For this week’s post, I would like to tell you about the friends we have living with us at the center.

We have a frog that you have to be careful to not trample on during the night, which actually quite a common occurrence here.

We have a lot of different snakes – big and small. Luckily, we found out quite recently that they are not dangerous snakes. Still, they scare us a lot. You always have to be careful aLazy Bobobout what are you moving towards and where you are walking.

We have a lot of tiny spiders (black and white); they are annoying because they sting just like mosquitoes and cause itching. Obviously, these are our more irritating friends.

Then, we have some big spiders too. They are fast and so it is very difficult for us to hunt them. We only want to move them farther away from the center, we swear!

We also have a lot of chickens that continue to raise chicks. They are very sweet to see, but at the same time, they are very annoying because they are messy.

We have a rooster too! He is very colorful and he sings all the time.lizard

We have a very lazy cat, Bobo. He is sweet and cuddly. One of our nicer, more pleasant friends.

During the night, all around the center, fireflies fill the air. It is an amazing spectacle – watching them fly and brighten the grass around us.

We have a lot more friends: lizards of all sizes, small crabs, small scorpions, cockroaches and a lot of more insects. But we will leave those for another time!

Over the past two months in IHF’s center in Chiang Rai, I saw a lot of animals I have never seen before.  It is amazing to see how it is possible to live with them safely once you know how!


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