Carnivals, Daredevils, & Dances!

By: Teresa, Co-Director IHF Medan

IMG_7717I am just beginning to explore some of the activities Medan has to offer. One fun activity I enjoyed this week was going to a small carnival that was set up near the center; they had cotton candy and rides – just like they would in the US. I went with our previous co-director, Lissa, and a large group of students from our junior and senior classes. It was hilarious watching everyone squeal and laugh while on the rides.

 IMG_7716At the carnival, there was also a motorcycle daredevil show. During the show, a rider rode around inside a giant barrel to the point where he was completely horizontal. The onlookers held out bills for him to grab as he went by. Lissa taunted him by pulling the money back just as he went to grab it. He retaliated by riding right up to the edge of the barrel, which put the bottom of his wheels less than a foot from our faces. In Indonesia, this event is called “tong setan”, which means “devil barrel”.  Lissa mentioned that it is called this due to the prevailing myth that for the riders to have such amazing abilities, they must be possessed by a demon. I encourage readers to search up “tong setan” on YouTube as it is pretty amazingIMG_7701 to witness!


In addition, this week, I was also very lucky to see a beautiful dance done by four of our junior class students. They wore lovely yellow outfits and used fans as props. The dance was a traditional Melayu dance – another amazing thing to see!Overall, this has been an exciting week and I am enjoying my time here in Medan.



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