Crafting at IHF Aceh center

By:  Sahat, Co-Director Aceh

This week, we organised special activities with our SD students. We have something different which is the students make a short story with pictures in each paragraph. I really like to see how they do such a good job. This is also to challenge them and to see how well they are in terms of reading a text and this is good to explore their imagination and creativeness.


DSCN0097We also have Yola, our math teacher who always helps us with our special activities with children at the center. She has been with us for almost three months now. She is quite easy to get along with anybody here, friendly, easy going. Her students really like her so much, and Yola is just like their older sister. She has a good time to spend with the children such as play games, help with homework and she likes making jokes with her students. Yola can handle her class well. She has good skills in terms of arts. Last time, she made workshop about art class, to draw pictures with their favourite carton player from the movie. Students really enjoyed it and had fun. That’s why the students really admire her a lot. Yola has lots of ideas to share and willing to dedicate her quality time for our arts class.
Our special activity is always full of fun and happy learning every time. We organise it after
a regular class for students is finished. This month, we have just few students coming to the center to study. It’s due to DSCN1985Ramadhan month ad students with their family go to their village for vacation. One student who loves attending craft session is Athaya, our SD5 student. Athaya is a talented girl. She likes crafting and never miss any special activity for crafting. Last time she made flower craft. She did great!


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