Recruitment and a Trip to Bukit Lawang

By:  Letizia, Co-Director, Medan

This last week at the center has been very quiet, but also fun!  The Ramadan holiday was not yet finished, but some students had already started coming back to the center for lessons.  The classes are not full yet, so we have started doing recruitment around the neighborhood.  We promoted the free classes at the center and let all the families know that their children have the opportunity to come to our classes to learn English, math, and computer skills.  It impressed me how many people were shocked to find that our school is free and open to everybody!  They were so enthusiastic!  This is very important, especially for the younger children, who can come to the center at an early age and have a head start gaining confidence with the language.

Another exciting thing is that we are starting to re-organize the center with many new ideas.  We have arranged a new room for co-directors and volunteers, which is not too big but very nice and has a balcony!  We are also starting also to update the archives and IMG_20160717_142808putting all our data online so we will have a more complete idea of all the students that are attending our classes and the progress of the school in general.

I have to admit though, that the most beautiful part of the week was the weekend.  Medan city is a very big and interesting city, but sometimes it makes you want to stay in a quiet and green place, discovering the wonderful Indonesian nature.  Luckily we are very close to many parks and places of a high nature interest.  One of those is the Bukit Lawang Park, where you can find opportunities for trekking and see the orangutan in their natural habitat.

This park is amazing, in the heart of the jungle but also very nice and served with all the touristic comforts.  We didn’t have the time to make an excursion to see the orangutan, but we spent all day close to the river, enjoying nature and relaxing, and getting ready for the new week ahead!
Medan and the places nearby are a continuous discovery!



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