The Beauty of Volunteering

By:  Ainhoa, Voluntourist Bali

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to gain access to a local community is through volunteering. I have found that volunteer work allows one to discover the essence of a


country and to connect with its people. It is also one of the driving forces for creating change and making a positive impact in the world.

I had an absolutely fantastic time volunteering at the Bali Centre. We had the chance to do special activities with the kids, as well as help teach them English. The children are so full of warmth, so dynamic and so loving. We felt a strong connection to them and looked forward each day to seeing them again. Also, Bali in general is, beyond words, full of love. The Balinese people are among the most friendly and inviting people.

I have loved every second of this challenging job, even if at first took me a while to get used to the atmosphere.

I have learned that people are not powerless, that everyone has a great deal of power and potential, although society sometimes is unfair, making us think we are different because of religion, economic status or sexual orientation. Also, I discovered that the kids had ultimately provided me with more lessons than I had given them.
Thank you so much to IHF for this wonderful opportunity. It was all that I hoped for and more. I do recommend the experience. It is the best way to explore Bali with opportunities that a normal traveler may not have.

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