Crafting with Shells

By: Riska, Local Teacher Aceh

Halo everyone!

I am going to share with you our art activity this week at the center.  We held an art class with our SD5 students and with a new teacher named Nisa.  Actually, we were looking for some inspiration to create something with shells, and we certainly found a great idea to use these materials.  We also needed plywood, paint colors, and hot glue.  We divided the students into two groups, the girls made flowers and the boys made a starfish.  We timeDSCN2801 the groups and they each had a leader for their group.  It was like a competition!

At first, we had prepared the plywood in different sizes. Then, we put hot glue on top of shells and sticks, and placed them on the wood. The shells were placed to follow the size of the pictures that we wanted.  We needed to make sure that the glue was hot and held strong. Then, we put different colors on the cover of the shells, to make it more visually interesting. We did this using the paint colors.  There were four teachers helping, and also a co-director.

Finally, we could make the handicraft with the shells.  We took pictures with the crafts and loved all the shell crafts very much. I felt good about this project!  The children have great art skills. Not just great ideas but also great pictures and they are great at sharing.  They did so well!  Even for the boys’ group, who struggled at first to handle the work, ended up doing well. They are all so talented and inspiring.



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