Bonding in Bali

By:  Connie Ma, Voluntourist Bali

Bali center is a place that hides many wonderful surprises. Before my arrival at Bali I’ve thought about all tough scenarios I may come across, however the real Bali is so much different from what I imagined.

FullSizeRenderIt is located in a small village of Buitan, Candidasa. I fell in love with it right away after my arrival, I love the fresh air, the tender weather, the sea waves… All of these made me feel relaxed and peaceful in my heart. More importantly, the kind people! Everyone is so nice here and they are always ready to help you, with a warm heartfelt smile. There are two main buildings in the center, both of which are carefully decorated with children’s work!

At beginning I was nervous because I was not sure if I would do well and whether the kids would like me or not. It turned out to be a relief, what the children really want is that we spend time with them! They are happy that we are here playing with them, chatting with them, talking about new things strange to them, caring for them, and that’s all that matters.  The more I get along with them, the more I want to get involved with them.

The first week mostly was special activities, which gave me the opportunity to get familiar IMG_4430with the new environment and to know each student. I was surprised by the kids. They are artists, and they are really good at drawing and handicrafts.The kids are quick learners, they learn new stuff in a very quick manner and they even did a better job than volunteers! I have to say that they gave me more than I gave them, and I do appreciate that. They have the most beautiful eyes in the world, through which I can feel their understanding, simple satisfaction and eagerness for knowledge.

Another thing I would like to mention is that I made some new friends here, that’s a big fortune for me personally! Volunteering has been far more than doing a good deed, it was an eye-opening experience that helped me look at the world from a whole different perspective. I’m very thankful for those who made my volunteering in Bali possible, and those who made my volunteering period so much fun and memorable!



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