Taking a Break in Penang!

By:  Letizia, Co-Director Medan

Last week in Medan was quite nice and quiet, like usual, however I didin’t see so much of what happened in Medan because I was on my long weekend in Penang, Malaysia!  IMG_20160801_134620The kids at the center celebrated the birthday of one of our SMA students, Atin, with a giant Jack fruit and a lot of fun for everybody… Unfortunately I wasn’t there to party with them, but I saw the pictures and it looked like a lot of fun!I would like to share about Penang Island, it is a very nice place to visit with a lot of jungle and interesting travelers passing through.  Living in Medan is nice because, even if the city doesn’t have amazing things like Bali does, we are very close to many beautiful areas and is not so expensive to go to visit them.
In Penang I spent my days in a nice and quiet hostel in George Town, an ex-colonial city with a lot of history and culture along its roads.  The Indian neighborhood is very nice, called Little India and marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the colors, sounds, and smells take you directly to that magical and fantastic country.

Outside the city there are many beaches and national parks that let the visitor enjoy a more natural and relaxing atmosphere.  I highly suggest the national park near Teluk Behang village, with its nice trekking walk through the jungle and close to the sea.


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