Saying Goodbye to Jakarta

By:  Jeanne, Work-Study Jakarta

I have now reached the end of my four week volunteering trip with IHF in Jakarta. Firstly, I have to say that the time here went really fast, Blog2so you have to enjoy each precious moment. All the time you spend teaching and playing with the children is wonderful; like the time spent with the all the other volunteers.

A usual week here is divided into teaching, welcoming and playing with the students, and we also have our online team work to do. Every day we have our lovely Ibu who comes to take care of the center, and cook delicious Indonesian food for us. During the evening, we have Blog3free time to share our dinner, and hang out with the local volunteers. In one month here, you really learn about Indonesian culture. And I have to say that Indonesians, without exception, are the nicest people I have ever met. They will always help you, and envelope you in their culture.


I think I just would love to stay more than four weeks, it was too fast, and I am going to really miss all the people here.



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