Adapting to IHF Bali

By:  Anabel, Voluntourist Bali

My name is Anabel, I’m from Barcelona and I’ve been a voluntourist in IHF center in Bali for two weeks.  The first week passed quickly, just getting used to the house, the other volunteers, the co-directors and the kids.
At the beginning, everything was strange and not great in the center. Children are all from different ages, have different interests and difficult names that seemed impossible for me to learn. In addition, it was raining during the first days so it was dark by 6 pm. I was with seven other volunteers and felt that there was not much to do.However, same as the weather, things brightened up. In a few days I got used to my new room and shared spaces in the house, the food and my colleagues. Also, I started to feel less scared of the Balinese creatures living in the garden and around, such as the geckos. Most of the children came often to the center and I learned some of their names and ages. I realized that the children like painting and playing cards, while the teenagers prefer staying around by themselves. All of them like making shapes with paper, something that my Chinese colleagues were very good at and could teach them.

Regarding the English classes, I became more comfortable after the first one. At the beginning I had only two classes with same group each week. Fortunately, in my second week I had the opportunity to do some classes with other groups, as one of the co-directors was gone and also I assisted in the computer classes. The more I was with the kids, the more ideas of games and activities came to my mind.  Also I felt that they were more comfortable to see me around and some even knew my name.  It was a very rewarding experience.

When I was starting to have a daily routine in IHF in Bali, it was time to leave. I wish to have stayed longer to spend more time with the children and know more about them and their lives.  I think IHF is doing a great job in Bali and I’m happy to have been part of it at least for a few weeks!


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