Catching Up With Aceh

By: Sahat, Co-Director Aceh

We have a new co-director at our center!  His name is Tony and he is from India. We are happy to have him at the center. The children love to hear about Bollywood stars; actresses and actors DSCN3449from India. They also have many questions for Tony about food and traditional clothing from India. The parents love talking to him and sharing Indonesian culture with him. We went out to see a festival night market with the local teachers and we let Tony try some different foods. We had so much fun! This week we also got a visitor named Doris from China. She was a volunteer at the IHF Aceh center a few years ago. She is traveling with her mom, so they stopped by the center.  The teachers and students like talking to her and we all took DSCN3347photos together.

One of wonderful local teachers, Ms Riska, is teaching math for SD1 students at this time. She loves teaching math for young learners. Before, she was teaching older learners at the center. The children are fond of learning about math and English, and they are very active in the classroom. We have started holding a short fun quiz at the end of each lesson. Whoever can answer the question gets to go home first. Everyone gets excited to answer and participate in the quiz. Riska is a super friendly teacher, and she is a great help to us. Not to mention that the children really like her!

DSCN3383This week, we held a workshop about making flowers from banana branches. The materials we used were papers and many paint colors. We divided the students into two sessions, SD2 and SD3, and SD5 and SD6. There were about 20 students who joined in this workshop. Everyone was asked to make two pieces of paper with flowers drawn on them.

We also held a cleaning day at the center. We started cleaning from the inside of the center, including the classrooms, living room, kitchen, and yard. Everyone participated in this activity and they were so helpful! We also decorated a stage that we want to use for the upcoming celebration of the 17th of August. Students, teachers, and co-directors all helped!



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