My First Week With IHF Kenya

By: Xinxin, Voluntourist Kenya

A week ago, I arrived at Nakuru and started a two-week program at the IHF children’s home. This it the first time I have attended a volunteer program like this, so I felt nervous when I first arrived. When our car drove into the center, many kids gathered around and img_5316-1said “hi” to us. Some of them even helped us carry our luggage! It was really surprising to me that kids here are not shy at all. On the contrary, they are very happy to come up close to us. The co-director, Joyce, showed us volunteers around the whole center and our room.  The facilities at the center are quite basic, only few small blue houses and no hot water, but its actually very comfortable and able to satisfy our needs.

The kids are interested in geography and I happen to bring a book about geography with me! With that book, I img_5407taught them some basic information about geography and they seemed to be very interested in it. The kids here like to watch movies very much, especially action movies. We selected some movies and played one movie each day. To entertain them, we have also brought some board games to play with them. They really enjoyed those games.

I had a very pleasant time here. The children here impressed me a lot. They are kind, positive, and it can be seen that they really like us.  Co-director Joyce is fantastic. She helped us adapt and deal with everyday life here . Other staff at the center are also very friendly with us, and we appreciated it! It is a very special and unforgettable experience in my life. I will remember it forever.



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