Discovering myself at IHF!

Blog post by Mengjie, WS Volunteer, Bali.

This is my second week at the IHF Bali center, I’m very happy that I made the decision of coming here. Even though we never knew each other, the kids gave me the best welcome I’ve ever had. They are so zealous and have enthusiastic! At first, I thought it would be hard for me to even remember their names, but now I am familiar with all the kids , their characteristics and fortes. Everything just happened naturally.     img_2810

The kids are always curious and passionate to learn something. They are naughty sometimes, but they do know when to stop. Most of times, they just do that to play with you. They have even took the role of being my teacher! They taught me two magic tricks and how to make a flower using tissue paper. I learned so much from them and the environment at the center makes me a happy and seems to convince that life is so easy!


Living  here is very different from living in the cites, In the latter, There are so many not so important things that become very important to us – Branded apparel, A Big House, Make up, which turns out to be unnecessary once you get here. The kids love and respect you for who you are. You can definitely throw those things you find hard to give up there. It feels good to be here and one should definitely experience life at IHF,  I am sure it will be one of the most wonderful memories in your life.

img_2844 And since this is my second week here, I started teaching. Writing lesson plan is a new experience for me. My co-director here keeps giving me some great advice on how to make it more understandable and easy for the kids to absorb the lesson. What’s more?  The way IHF staff work and communicate through internet efficiently is worth learning. All the files in the drives are clearly sorted and  spreadsheets are clear and helpful. It’s a pity that as a voluntourist I can’t do those online work, but overall I enjoyed my time so much and think this is a wonderful experience being a volunteer in IHF center.


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