My memories from Chiang Rai!

Blog post by Soufian, Co-Director, Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Thinking about leaving IHF family after one month makes me feel really sad, as I got used to the life in Chiang Rai center and the city. But due to some visa issues I had to book my round trip flight to Morocco. However, I consider coming back again when it is handled.


It’s  been an interesting week for me. Following children’s recommendation, I visited Mea Sai and the border between Myanmar and Thailand. I drove through the mountains, saw the jungle and villagers life style… I really admired the landscapes from this part of Thailand, as these are different from the dry mountains I’m used to hiking in in my home country. Here, even the center itself is surrounded by a very, green yard.


This week, Jirapon and Nupon cooked me dinner – catfish that they used to farm in our pond, with spicy vegetables. I am really glad that we are creating bonds, and that they are now more comfortable with speaking in English, as I’m making efforts to learn some basics of Thai language to use in my daily life.

Two of our kids, who I like to call “best model students”: Arisa and Kantya were focused, during the week, on their education and homework. The fact that they don’t need someone to watch them, the responsibility they show is very impressive. I try to get to talk to them more, but we still have a hard time communicating since my Thai isn’t good.

For a community facilitator, local language can be the key to people’s minds and hearts. The children are amazing but I just feel sad I cannot have a deeper conversation with img_2484them. The housemother actually try to talk “little” in English with me and we often express our thoughts using translator as well. She will leave us on October 9th, we will miss her and her little cute baby around the house. She was very dear to us at the center, especially since I’m the only co-director here; she was providing great assistance in helping me to understand things, such as cultural differences.




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