Being a volunteer at IHF Aceh Center!

Written by: Ronal, local volunteer, Aceh


I took my phone and looked at it. In one of my apps (LINE) I saw that my friends shared some interesting news within our group – IHF was looking for a teacher for their Aceh Center. I found that information very interesting and decided to apply since I was looking for some new experiences in my life.  I called IHF Co-director and asked him about this foundation. He invited me to come to the center located in Geuceu Komplek. I went there and took part in the interview. I was a little bit afraid because it was the first time I was interviewed for a volunteering position. Mr. Sahat asked me a lot of question about my studies, previous teaching experience, my address, and my reasons to join IHF. Alhamdulillah, I answered all of his questions and received a proposition to work as a volunteer for International Humanity Foundation.

dscn4249I was scheduled to teach classes SD3 and SD6. I found it challenging at that time, because I was afraid that my students won’t  pay attention to what I say during the classes. But this feeling was lost when I read some motivational words that pushed me to work and try to be a good teacher.

On Saturday, I taught SD 3 students. It was my first class. I came to the class with my friend, Yanna Zahara. We study together at my college. We taught SD3 students together. I was focused on encouraging them to listen what I’m saying. I decided to sing a song to draw their attention to me and I was happy because it was a good move. After I finished, they listened to me till the end of the lesson. We were happy at that time.

On Monday, I had a class with SD 6 students, but this time I enjoyed myself a little bit more because before the class I have prepared myself very well. I taught them about storytelling and past continuous tense. I was very happy because they seem to understand the topic I was teaching.

dscn4281I hope I can teach my students to be the best generation of the future and I hope they will develop this province (Aceh). For myself, teaching nowadays became a hobby. I feel proud when I can teach my students and help them become successful adults. Mr. Sahat told me a lot of motivational words. Now I feel that I want to be a better person, and I’m working on it more and more everyday.


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