My time with IHF

written by: Isra Yauminnisa, a local volunteer, Aceh

I have known about IHF since my third semester in school, I am now in my fifth semester of college. I have loved to teach since I was in elemetary school. I always pretended to be the teacher when I was a young student. Sometimes my friends didn’t want to play that game, because they were bored. But it was never boring to me.


When I heard about IHF from my friend I was so interested and I wanted to apply to be  volunteer right away. I suddenly I lost my confidence to apply because I was afraid I wouldn’t be as good as the amazing volunteers at IHF, and was concerned IHF might not accept me.

This semester I changed my mind and thought, “you will never know untill you try”. I encouraged myself to apply for a volunteer position at IHF. I was told by brother Sahat, a Co-Director at IHF Chiang Rai Center, that they already had enough teachers for all classes, but I could help a volunteer who taught one of the classes. This is no problem for me because I can learn everything from another volunteer before I teach alone.


I started to volunteer with IHF, and learned while helping a volunteer teach their class. After 3 weeks at the IHF, brother Sahat assigned me to teach a SD 5 class. Since I started teaching SD5 I have met funny and smart students. They make me happy, increase my spirit to teach, and have my working on how to be the best teacher I can be.


At IHF I have not just met amazing students, but also amazing friends, one of them is brother Sahat. Brother Sahat is a very friendly person, he always gives his full attention to all volunteer, and he also appreciated me for my work. He does everything to help the volunteers during their time with IHF. He holds art class for the students, and he helps me to prepare to teach my classes. I hang out with the other volunteers and sometimes learn from their teaching styles. I’m so blessed I can join IHF I get to experience teaching, learn more and improve my English, and I meet amazing students and friends. Thank you IHF!


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