Let’s Make Another Round of Memories at the IHF Aceh Centre

Written by Mutiara Hanny, local volunteer, Aceh

Hi everyone,

My name is Hanny. I am a local volunteer teaching Math at the IHF Aceh Centre. When I arrived, I did not have much experience, rather the opposite…


But IHF gave me the incredible opportunity to teach the students at the center. My Co-directors (Emma, Kristine and Sahat and Vlad) have always supported and guided me on how to teach these young students. They have also helped me in becoming the teacher that I am today and the big progress that I have made so far.

I forgot to mention it: everyone at IHF works as a volunteer, even the Co-Directors and the Executive Director. So, when Sahat arrived as my new Co-Director, I learned to understand that determination and motivation could lead a person very far in his or her life. I truly look up to the way the Co-Directors handle their tasks at our center. They have thought me that engaging yourself to help the others is not only about giving money to a good cause. The things that we do here every day have also a huge impact in the lives of our students and their families: our teaching helps the students to get closer to a better future, one where they are not dependent of another to grow further and obtain their goals. We help them to reach their dream as much as possible. We work on this every day with a lot of laughs, joys and happiness from the children. No matter what they face and how they feel daily, it never prevents them from putting a smile on their face. Knowing this gives me a huge satisfaction in what I do and helps me get through the difficult periods that I witness.


How do I position myself in this story? As a volunteer, I have to admit that I am still nothing compare to the volunteers that I have had the chance to meet while I am staying here. The time, sweat, tears and efforts that I went through maybe just 1/10 of theirs. But at one point, I came to the realization that the things that give us strength as a teacher is nothing less than the love that we receive every single day from the children. If I was not able to teach for a lesson, they will ask for me and show me their concerns as soon as they got the chance to see me back. Before my arrival, I firmly believed that working with children at the center would be leading me towards being a better person. Now, I know I have grown much more than I could possibly ever have dreamed of. At the center, new faces come and go everyday but memories and the experience that I will take home with me will always remain.


These are all the reasons why I have never regretted my decision to join IHF. It has truly changed my life in a positive way.


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