My year with IHF

Written by Annisa, local volunteer, Bali When I got a job and moved to Buitan last year, I decided to volunteer with an organization near my workplace. When I applied, I thought I would just do it to kill the time after work. But that changed. After almost a year at IHF Bali Centre, this…… Continue reading My year with IHF

Just Pass It On!

Written by Agata, Co-Director, Bali The day started extremely busy. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We wanted to make sure that everything would be ready before the kids show up. We set up the tables and cleaned up the floor, checked the certificates and the prizes just to make sure that…… Continue reading Just Pass It On!

Exploring Bali as a voluntourist

Written by: Eva, Voluntourist, Bali My name is Eva, I’m a 53 years old teacher from Switzerland and I currently work at IHF Bali for four weeks as a voluntourist. When I arrived at the center, I was surprised that it’s located between a small Hindu and a small Muslim village. So every day I…… Continue reading Exploring Bali as a voluntourist

Learning to Teach

Written by: Kari, Voluntourist, Bali My volunteer position is unlike any other position for IHF. I was partnered with IHF through a program called Accounting for International Development, an organization based out of the UK that partners accountants with nonprofit organizations in developing countries. This means that I am working with IHF as more of…… Continue reading Learning to Teach

My First Weeks in Bali

Written by Kari, Voluntourist, Bali I arrived to IHF Bali Center on the evening of Saturday October 1st. The center was very quiet since only the co-directors were living, the other volunteers had gone home the previous day. Agata, one of the co-directors, was very accommodating and showed me around the center, and gave me…… Continue reading My First Weeks in Bali

The End of an Adventure!

Written by Laura and Jessica, Voluntourists, Bali We are Laura and Jessica, two Spanish friends from Barcelona. Today is our last day in IHF Bali Center and we would like to summarize our two weeks here. Our first week was focused on adaptation. It was hard for us because of so many changes and new things to…… Continue reading The End of an Adventure!

A new experience with IHF in Bali!

By: Xinyu, Voluntourist Bali. I arrived to Bali at midnight of September 15th, 2016. Since it is too late for the center co-director to pick me up from the airport, I checked into a hotel nearby the airport. I was really excited about this trip and I kept imagining the IHF Centre I was about to…… Continue reading A new experience with IHF in Bali!

Discovering myself at IHF!

Blog post by Mengjie, WS Volunteer, Bali. This is my second week at the IHF Bali center, I’m very happy that I made the decision of coming here. Even though we never knew each other, the kids gave me the best welcome I’ve ever had. They are so zealous and have enthusiastic! At first, I…… Continue reading Discovering myself at IHF!

Adapting to IHF Bali

By:  Anabel, Voluntourist Bali My name is Anabel, I’m from Barcelona and I’ve been a voluntourist in IHF center in Bali for two weeks.  The first week passed quickly, just getting used to the house, the other volunteers, the co-directors and the kids. At the beginning, everything was strange and not great in the center.…… Continue reading Adapting to IHF Bali

Bonding in Bali

By:  Connie Ma, Voluntourist Bali Bali center is a place that hides many wonderful surprises. Before my arrival at Bali I’ve thought about all tough scenarios I may come across, however the real Bali is so much different from what I imagined. It is located in a small village of Buitan, Candidasa. I fell in…… Continue reading Bonding in Bali