Peace Out, Indonesia

Written by Kristine, Co-Director, Jakarta. I now depart Indonesia after 308 days of living here.  It’s been exactly 44 weeks of highs and lows, 10 months of ups and downs.  And it’s time to say goodbye.  To be perfectly honest, I’m ready to go but I cannot leave without acknowledging all the good that has…… Continue reading Peace Out, Indonesia

In The Shadow Of A Volcano

Written by Kristine, Co-Director, Jakarta I was sick on my second night at Lake Toba and still can’t say exactly what was wrong.  I put it down to that dodgy pork I ate for lunch that afternoon.  It didn’t seem dodgy at the time, but in retrospect, I think that must have been it.  All…… Continue reading In The Shadow Of A Volcano

Beheadings, Cannibals & Bad Pork…Oh, My!

Written by Kristine, Co-Director, Jakarta I slept for 12 solid hours on my first night at Lake Toba.  Clearly, I needed the rest, having slept for only 5 interrupted hours since I had gotten up 36 hours before.  I would spend that day seeing some of Samosir and I was ready for it.  I spent…… Continue reading Beheadings, Cannibals & Bad Pork…Oh, My!

A Long Journey North

Written by Kristine, Co-Director, Jakarta I decided to go to Lake Toba for my August days off based totally on the recommendation of a friend.  I did a little research and made my arrangements to go. Lake Toba is located in the north of the island of Sumatra – that’s the same island where Aceh…… Continue reading A Long Journey North

Let’s dance

written by Kristine, Co-Director, Jakarta My last stop on my Jogja journey was seeing a performance of the Ramayana Ballet.  The show is usually done in an outside, open-air theatre with Prambanan as a backdrop.  However,  it was raining when it was time for the show to start.  The organisers tried to wait out the rain but they…… Continue reading Let’s dance

Another day in Jogja

Written by Kristine, Co-Director, Jakarta The day after my magical Borobudur morning in Jogja, I started out at about 9 am, headed for Taman Sari.  Wow, what a rundown, poorly maintained, nothing-to-see-here disappointment.  On top of that, I had a guide who spoke terrible English (I understood maybe twenty percent of what he said) and…… Continue reading Another day in Jogja

A Beautiful Sunrise in Jogja

Written by Kristine, Co-Director, Jakarta A couple of months ago, I spent a few days in Jogja – proper name Yogyakarta – and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  But my favorite time there was the morning of my first full day absorbing all that is Jogja. That morning began for me at 3 am, when I…… Continue reading A Beautiful Sunrise in Jogja

What Indonesia Taught Me..

Written by Kristine, Co-Director, Jakarta I have now finished more than half of my time in Indonesia.  It seems so long ago that I arrived here, but also like it was just yesterday. During my first few months here, I had a mild case of culture shock. Thankfully, I got over it and finally started…… Continue reading What Indonesia Taught Me..

Climbing Mount Rinjani in Indonesia.

by Kristine, Co-Director, Jakarta I find that being in Jakarta really opens up options of places to go around Indonesia for me.  Because it is basically the hub of the country, I can easily catch a flight to just about any other place in the country. And so it was that a couple of months…… Continue reading Climbing Mount Rinjani in Indonesia.

Education is Life Changing

By:  Sylvia, Voluntourist Jakarta You might ask what difference can you make in two weeks? As a voluntourist in the Jakarta IHF center, I have been trying my best to help the center. Basically I work for four hours each day, and the timing of the work is unrestricted for voluntourist to arrange their time.…… Continue reading Education is Life Changing